Thursday, November 12, 2009

Will the excitement never end?

I went down to the train station this afternoon with the Spawn. She got to watch the large crane swinging crushed cars around. I got to buy tickets for our trip to Seattle next weekend. Hooray! I'm looking forward to this absurdly much. We'll primarily be doing stuff to amuse the Spawn--aquarium and zoo, anyone--but the trip is actually a celebration for me. Who knows, maybe we'll stop in at the Science Fiction Museum for me. Pending the finance audit, I'm set to graduate this month! I've been working on this degree for...well, let's just say it's old enough to drink in any state in the US. I started off with a degree in music performance. I'm graduating with a degree in Asian studies. That means I'll have a nice, expensive piece of paper that means damnall except that I'm tenacious. Cause enough for celebration, I think!

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