Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Garden in June

This is the summer/fall garden area--the winter/spring area is...a mess. I decided to skip most of the winter garden for this upcoming winter so the potatoes and some of the beans are planted there. About half the garden is hoed in this shot, but luckily most of the weeds are small enough to not show too much at this resolution. Actually some aren't weeds but volunteers. A ton of borage, most of which is getting chopped, strawberry spinach, purslane, some vegetable mallow, and, oddly enough tomatoes. I didn't think anything got ripe enough last year to volunteer. From left to right: First row is tomatoes and peppers, which will be under the cloches until they won't fit any more. We need all the help we can get to harvest any in this climate. Next row is Diana's row--nothing much visible there. Next is herbs, most of which just got moved outside. I'll direct seed a few more things, but wanted a head start on basil, etc. Next row has green onions and, just visible I think, beets. There some cabbage down at the far end, but it's still tiny, tiny. Next row is carrots and I need to plant another round in a few more days. Still pretty small, but doing well. Next row is greens--visible is a bunch of chard, which we love and it freezes well. Then an empty row. Then two rows of cucurbits--cucumbers, watermelon (a girl can dream, can't she?), zucchini, and lots and lots of winter squash. We like squash and it stores well, if the voles don't get to it. Then another empty row, though I've got a couple of rounds of radishes there. They'll get harvested before the space is taken over by squashes. Then broccoli, I think. A whole row, interplanted with flowers. Another thing we like that freezes well. Then more greens. Then summer lettuces--yay for salads! Last two rows are beans, one bush beans for dry beans and one runner and pole beans, some for green and some for drying. The plastic cups with holes punched in them are to keep the bluejays off until the plants get large enough to be less attractive to birds. I was an idiot and didn't do that for the corn, which I am now restarting indoors. Grr. It'll go in a block in the far right corner.

Monday, June 4, 2012

From the Fridge

Okay, not really from the fridge, nor yet from the hallway gallery. The Spawn drew these today and decided they should be in HER room. For which I can't really blame her in the least. I think they're pretty cool. Not sure I'd have had the patience to do all those pine needles when I was five.

This is several fairies with ivy leaf houses under a pine tree. She used a stencil for the ivy leaves, which is think is wonderful. That's why we have a big box of stencils.

In this picture it's raining. There are several fairies in the tall grass, which hides them from predators. Unfortunately, two of the fairies have had their wings bitten off! I suspect this last explanation of being after the fact when she realized she'd forgotten their wings. But maybe not. We've lost a couple of ducklings to predators lately, even though our grass is MUCH taller than what she's drawn here.