Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's full of sparkles!

Well, the Spawn has just discovered the joys of playing dress up. We had some stuff from a long ago yard sale that she unearthed. Yesterday she was wearing a BRIGHT lime green skirt (with green sequins around the waistband with her Elmer the Elephant shirt. Today it was an island girl sort of dress, floor length on her, with a pink velour, sparkly sleeved shirt. This is the perfect attire in which to investigate the properties of fine dust, no? How it feels between the toes, for instance, and running through the fingers.

So, being fond of dress up myself, we went to a thrift store to see if we could find a few other things for the dress up box. Everything was rejected except for a dress with lots of pink sequins and feathers around the hem and a rather odd garment composed of a sequined belt and a very long fringe. I guess the pink thing really is in the genes, 'cause it sure ain't in the environment!

Ah, and butterfly wings, how could I forget the butterfly wings. Those she decided to wear when she was being a streaker Spawn. She was the fastest butterfly in the west. With All Hallow's Eve coming up, perhaps we'll find some more fun stuff for her (and maybe something fun for me too!). I feel sure hers will have sparkles though.

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