Saturday, August 15, 2009

And so it begins....

I suspect I'm doing this largely for myself, but on the off chance that I'm not, I'll start off with a quick rundown of the household. There's me, Mom-in-chief. There's the Better Half. There's the Spawn, approaching her 2 and a half birthday, who keeps us all on our toes. There are two goats names Big Goat and Little Goat. The Spawn named them. They're currently clearing the brush in our woods. We plan to eat them when they're done. There are six turkeys, unnamed. We plan to eat them when they get a bit bigger. There are ten chickens, nine hens and one rooster. Once the hens are done laying, we plan to eat them. There's Caruso, the cat. We don't plan to eat him.

We're currently renting a house on a 3/4 acre lot, most of which is covered with trees. In one of the few marginally sunny spots, we have a garden. We also have two much sunnier plots at a community garden. In all of these, we practice better gardening through neglect. Despite this, we get a reasonable amount of produce out of them. Perhaps we'll be a bit more organized about it all next year. Perhaps not.

The Better Half works in the exciting world of prepare-to-be-outsourced-at-moment IT. I'm very close to getting a very expensive piece of paper that says I know how to fake my way through talking about China. Otherwise I try and keep the Spawn on track. One day, if civilization doesn't collapse, she'll be able to read all this and wonder why she turned out as well as she did.


  1. Sue: the intro to my blog is quite accurate. I reached a certain age, and wanted to know more about my parents in their own times - but my mother is dead, and my father is not a big talker. And he's about 3000km away, too.

    So I thought I'd keep a journal for my kids. I tried doing it on paper, but I couldn't be bothered. When the blogging phenom came along, I realised I could keep a kind of journal in public, and the existence of an audience would supply a motivation to keep it up.

    I'm into my third year now. It's working well. I augment the public stuff with private notes that never see the 'Web -- but at the end of the year, I gather 'em all up, and make hardcopy. I also make a few text files, burned to DVD, and I put the year's worth of photos and little home videos on the DVD too. Then I make a couple copies of the DVD in question, and I archive the whole lot -- paper and e-copies -- in a cool, dry space, in archive boxes with mothballs.

    Dunno how much will be legible in 20 years, but I think it's worth a shot.

  2. PS: I stick with the Flinthart handle online. I can't offer Nat and the kids complete anonymity, but I'm trying to keep 'em at arm's length from the noisy SF-writer bastard pirate persona.