Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clark County Fair

So yesterday we went to the county fair. It's a much different experience with an opinionated toddler in tow than with a compliant infant. As a result, the first thing we did was go look at the ferris wheels. She wanted to show them to Tiny Duck and Dizzy Duck, the chosen companions for this expedition. Luckily neither she nor they wanted to ride on the thing, since none of them met the height requirement.

Despite offering such things as a juggler and a jazz band with a full head of hair between all five members (they were really quite good), it was determined that our next stop was the sharks. I know you're probably wondering what kind of county this is, right? It was rather along the lines of a roadside attraction. I don't know how much the fair paid to have the thing there, but it was somewhat sad. The Spawn liked it a lot better than either of us did.

Next stop was the pigs. We managed to go via goats, rabbits, chickens, and cows. Still, it was the pigs that were the big attraction for the Spawn. The feed costs for them all was outrageous. I wonder that they're able to sell the things at auction afterward! Still, for future reference, they generally seemed to be in the 650-700 pounds of grain fed range. When we start trying to determine if pigs are cost effective to raise, we have something to measure against. Any pigs of ours had better not expect to be grain fed though.

The drive home was punctuated by a single, very unhappy vomit in the back seat. While I certainly sympathize, I can't help but be slightly glad that for once she was unable to vomit on Mom. Why did no one tell me that motherhood would involve catching the results of every tummy bug all down my front?

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