Saturday, February 19, 2011

What to do...?

Just for fun, here's the task list for the Better Half. This is for anyone who thinks country living is all fun and relaxation. I'm sure there must be a few people somewhere who still believe that.

* clear out herb garden--this just got finished today and I'm really looking forward to getting that all planted
* fix trailer on tractor, either with flat fixer or replace tire/wheel
* remove apple tree branches--this is from some SERIOUS pruning
* prune and fence grape vine--partially done and should be finished this weekend
* nesting boxes--I have a clever idea on this, which I shall document if it works

* make protective squirrel fencing for sunroom garden--we're planting peas there and squirrels love pea seeds!

* fix tractor so as to be able to mow--it apparently needs a new spring, of all things
* collect soil samples from garden extension and potato patch--I need to figure out what soil amendments we need
* clear downed trees from garden extension so that pigs can start doing their thing
* make pig shelter--might be able to use doghouse to start
* acquire hog panels
* make duck shelter
* prepare mudroom for presence of ducklings--we're planning to get 25 ancona ducklings, hoping to get enough hens to have a laying flock
* fence thimbleberries--only if AJ (the llama) is going to continue to have the run of that part of the woods, which may not be the case
* get grass bagger attached to mower

* clear and fence potato patch--going to have 400-600 square feet of pototoes, gardened dry
* clear and fence pasture north of garden extension (need to keep ahead of the pigs for clearing, fence and sow grass behind)

* get chicken tractor operational--ahead of time!
* fence garden extension--this will double the size of the irrigated garden and will be just beans and squash
* fence walnut--may need to be fenced earlier, but they don't leaf out until pretty late even in normal weather years

* this is chicken/turkey(?) time if the weather cooperates

Uncertain priority
* repair barbed wire
* extend fencing so that AJ can control blackberry--possibly corridor along east property line, with gates
* make AJ shelter
* install actual gates
* install additional lights/wiring/outlets in garage

My task list isn't as impressive, and involves a lot more paperwork. The Spawn and I will be doing a lot in the garden this year though. Or, at the least, I will and she'll be having fun in the pasture.


  1. I admit I'm curious: how the hell do you plan to 'control' blackberry?

  2. Ruminants. AJ is a llama. We may get another goat or two, at least for the summer. It won't be enough to keep up with ALL the &#%Q$! blackberry on the property, but we can keep the worst border beaten back reasonably well.