Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those ducks, those cold, cold ducks.

Finally got around to getting a photo of the ducks and it would be on a snow day. But I figured I should post this before we have our next additions to the farm.

The white one is a Crested Pekin. He rather reminds me of a comic drunken colonel in a British novel. The dark one is a Cayuga. He's lovely and he's the boss of the ducks. I don't like him though. He'll be nice and meaty, at least. The one in back is a domestic Mallard. He's the smartest of the three and would probably fly away if he could. The hen is a Light Brahma and she'd better start laying soon if she knows what's good for her.


  1. Hmm. Wild ducks are migratory. What the fork do domestic ducks do when the pond freezes?

  2. Two things--they're not so pond-loving as wild ducks. Ours like to take their baths in a cat box, which is easily refilled with non-frozen water. And it doesn't freeze here much at all. Maybe half a dozen times each winter, barring extreme weather.