Sunday, January 2, 2011

So far, so good

Yay for me and all that. I've been gluten free (mostly grain free since it seems to be easier) for...six months now, I think. It really has helped. The first two months were not fun. Think withdrawal symptoms, I guess. Now though, I've been having far fewer headaches than I've had at any time in my adult life. It would seem I was having problems all this time and never knew it. That actually makes me a bit mad. If I'd known it might be a problem sooner, I might have lost more headaches. Better late than never.

The whole household has been gluten free for two months. The Better Half's doctor recommended it for him, at least as a trial. Given my history and the fact that both my mother and grandmother seem to have gluten issues to some degree, we figured it might be good to do a trial for the Spawn as well. It's a lot cheaper than most of the available and reliable tests. Ain't it great to be "underinsured"? I think it's helped with one of her issues too. Maybe not. It's harder to tell with a kiddo. If we get less underinsured, we might do some testing.

In the meanwhile, I've devised a recipe for gluten free German pancakes--one of her favourite breakfast dishes. I've found an acceptable recipe for gluten free bread. It ain't sourdough, but she'll eat it happily and the Better Half will eat it because he has no other option. And there's rice. And quinoa. Millet isn't so popular. Fermented buckwheat things. I'm going to try my hand at real enjira (however that's spelled) one of these days. It turns out that you can make a lovely chocolate cake with coconut flour too. Things could be worse.

Aside from the health benefits, it saves money on eating out too. We avoid places that focus on pasta, of course, as well as any place that serves pancakes all day (the Spawn loooooves pancakes from Elmer's *sigh*). We did have some lovely Lebanese food recently, minus the bread and spinach pie. It was very, very good. Then again, maybe we've just been deprived!

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