Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the...Indifferent

Life just keeps chugging along around here (and elsewhere, I presume). This would definitely fall under the "good" category. We'd had only a few and relatively small trees fall since the big windstorm last month. Finally got a good soil sample out of the garden. It's in the oven to dry even now and should be on its way to the lab soon. The Spawn seems to have decided to become a storyteller. That's great fun, even when she wants to tell her stories as she goes to bed at night. I guess there's nothing wrong with providing your own bedtime stories! Today we decided on a spot for a small herb garden. I don't know that it will provide all our herb needs, but it will be a pleasant place to be, I think. These are all good things.

On the bad side, the Better Half has been dealing with horrendous allergies here. The current theory is that there were dogs in the house when it was being remodeled, so until that dander has lots its oomph, it's going to be difficult. Lots of expensive but effective drugs later, things are starting to get better. Me, I'm just so tired of being tired. That too is slowly getting better. There are fewer days when it's all I can do to cope with a wonderful, active child, let alone keep the house running and the finances in order and keep up with e-mail. I think I've let a lot of stuff go that I'd rather not have done. And no one really seems to feel that tired is any excuse. So phooey and hopefully things will continue to improve. The real estate market is still a mess, but things are showing up that aren't totally impossible. Maybe we WILL find our "forever house" when our lease here is up at the end of the year.

I've been able to get a bit more reading done lately, which has pleased me enormously. I just finished _The Unorthodox Engineers_ by Colin Kapp, thanks to interlibrary loan. I do love me some classic sci-fi. I recently finished _The Resilient Gardener_, which has given me some interesting ideas for the garden. We need more space! Currently working on _The Ideal Soil_. I need to finish it before we get our soil sample results back. Good stuff though. And so forth. I find I've not got a lot of patience for frivolous books any more, which is a bit sad. There are just so many things I want to KNOW that I have a hard time taking a break for fun reading. Ah well, at least I get to read frivolous stuff with the Spawn.

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