Monday, October 25, 2010

Next year, really!

That's the way I feel about our garden. Each year we've faced...challenges. This year was no exception. The weather plus the timing of our move plus the need for fencing and such made it impossible to get stuff in the ground for a summer garden. So we planted for fall and winter...sort of. Some stuff didn't make it in or not until late. We kind of missed summer entirely, so everything that made it in "on time" was probably about a month late. It gets a bit demoralizing. Next year the Spawn and I are in charge and hopefully that will be a good thing.

On the plus side, we discovered the best green beans ever and found a decent variety of carrots (thanks to the Spawn who liked the name). Assuming all goes well, we have some overwintering stuff--broccoli, kale, cabbage--that will make for good eating in the early spring. We probably have a couple of months worth of carrots and beets in the ground. And we have a plan for getting the ground ready to plant when spring does come. Chicken tractors are a good thing!

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