Monday, August 2, 2010

Things that make me sad....

The Spawn and I went to a local park with a splash area this afternoon. A good time was had, I must say. There was running and splashing and climbing and being sea otters "forgotting to wrap ourselves up in seaweed." But there was another little girl, perhaps a bit younger than the Spawn, who was not having such a good time. Her paternal unit kept following her around forbidding her to do stuff. Don't run. Don't splash. Don't climb. Ye gods, why did they even bother! It made me feel a little sad on her behalf.

Later we went to visit the "crayon store", a.k.a. Young Art. It's a horribly overpriced art store catering to kids (or their parents). Lots of cool stuff, really, but usually available elsewhere for half the cost. Fun place to look around though and they really want you to buy, so they demo everything for you. They also have art classes for ages three and up. Maybe it's just me, but the idea of teaching art technique to a three-year-old, with an eye to "finishing a piece of artwork each class" doesn't sound like much fun. I was assured they don't assign a subject though. Right. Maybe it works for some three-year-old kids, but not the one I live with. It just seems like a really good way to kill creativity in the name of creativity. And that makes me sad too.

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