Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slight change in plans....

Well, they're finally getting started on the environmental cleanup out in the front "pasture". We've not been able to USE it as pasture, since the whole cleanup issue has been hanging fire all this time. It turns out they're going to dig a honking big hole in the ground, make one pile of clean dirt and one of contaminated. The contaminated stuff gets turned once or twice a week for at least a month until it's clean. Then it all gets put back in the hole and sort of tamped down. Any water they come across gets put into a...I think it was a 5500 gallon tank to be aerated and cleaned. It then gets dumped somewhere on the property (not in the creek).

In other words, lots of space, lots of time, no chance of using that pasture this year. Boo. So. The Soay wether and the two ramlings will become tasty meat in the freezer. The two goats will go back to being tethered, which they won't like. It does allow us to put them where the blackberry particularly needs eating...and they won't be overgrazing the pasture. That basically halves the pasture population. This is a very good thing.

It probably won't be worth fencing the rest of the pasture area (that's being excavated) for next year. Too much time and money needed for that project. Pigs, still probably a go for spring and hopefully chickens and turkeys again with better raccoon proofing. We'll probably go for dumber than snot but fast growers where the poultry is concerned. I'm forgetting the variety of pig the Better Half was interested in. It's a heritage breed and all that good stuff though.


  1. Petrol. Not much and not at all close to anything we care about. But we've got a stream on the property, which complicates things.