Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The new game!

The Spawn has a new game. She hands one of us a puppet and says, "Wear this sad (or mad) mousie." Obviously, the character changes, as we have way more than just mouse puppets.

Then we're supposed to say, "I so, so sad!"

This is the Spawn's cue to say, "What are you sad about? What are you sad about?" She always says it twice too.

Then we have to come up with something for the puppet to be sad about. She questions the circumstances until she's satisfied. Yesterday a rabbit finger puppet was sad because of having lost a piece to a puzzle. The Spawn wanted to know which puzzle and which piece. Then she wanted to put it together to make sure the piece wasn't missing any more.

The final step is for her to say, "You can be sad about something else now."

Repeat this for a very, very long time, cycling through sad and mad until you're tempted to start having the puppets be sad because of the meaninglessness of human existence or something equally non-concrete.


  1. Okay. I'm laughing now. And very, very pleased that MY four-year-old does no more than insist we treat her as a cat every morning at breakfast time...

  2. Be afraid of when she starts asking the puppet about its mother.