Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best apple butter ever!

One of my vices is apple butter (I know, not much of a vice, is it?). It's always seemed a bit silly to add sugar to apple butter though, since apples are plenty sweet without. I found this recipe and tried it, with a couple of modifications. It's WONDERFUL! I used five spice for all the spices, since I have some very good five spice. I didn't peel the apples, just hoicked the whole mess in the blender after it'd cooked down. And for the cooking it all went in the slow cooker overnight. The result is tangy, apple-y, and will be wonderful on the bread I'll bake in the morning.

That's another vice--baking bread. If you're like me and go for a nice whole grain bread, this is a good recipe, if you have a food processor. Or if you're like the Better Half and prefer something a bit more like an "artisan" bread, this is pretty good. I still haven't found anything that gets the same chewy texture and large air pockets as the stuff we buy at New Seasons though. I feel sure it must be possible, but you may need a secret handshake to do it. Now to go start my grain soaking.

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