Sunday, September 20, 2009

Better Gardening Through Neglect

That is what I shall title any gardening book I ever write. We are slowly improving on the taking care of the garden front, but it is slow.

Case in point. Here is a good example of why you should thin your carrots.

And here is what happens when ALL the volunteer tomatoes are not only allowed to grow, but to grow with virtually no support or confinement.

I have gotten rather blase about stepping on tomatoes. These will all be going to make space for a hopefully slightly less neglected winter garden. Perhaps I'll find a good recipe for green tomato salsa or chutney. Or perhaps recipes for both are in order as I suspect there are a lot of green tomatoes hiding in there.


  1. So... if I don't thin my carrots, I can get wonderfully twisted and fiendish looking Mandrake Lite plants too?

  2. Judging from our two years of not thinning, yes. Stick some eyes on 'em (easy if you're growing potatoes too) and you could film the stop motion "Attack of the Killer Carrots".