Sunday, July 8, 2012

The joys of illness

Last week the Spawn got sick. She spent a whole day doing basically nothing, though I had the opportunity to read aloud for hours and hours and hours. She's still got the snot, but has otherwise recovered.

Maybe because she'd just been sick, she was most sympathetic about my go at the virus. She advised me to get lots of rest. She said that because she liked looking at pictures when she was sick, she would paint pictures for me to look at. She painted several like the one below of our garden. She also gave me a small cardboard tube which she'd painted silver. I guess I know what to give her next time she's sick....

From left to right, that's a pumpkin, a delicata squash, the squash leaf, a chard leaf, the leaves of a beet, and a tomato plant.

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