Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have to say...

I always rather wondered about Lord Emsworth and the Empress of Blandings. Well, pigs really are quite soothing, it seems. At least, ours are. They're still young enough to be somewhat playful (though given that they've at least doubled in size since we got them, they only play with each other). And they are so contentedly single-minded about the search for food. They grunt and nose around and then grunt and nose around again. They are so joyful when receiving the kitchen scraps. I'm actually rather surprised at how well the whole pig experiment has gone so far. It will be interesting to see if they've actually torn up the ground enough for us to get grass growing in the back forty.

In other's raining. Surprise, surprise, surprise. We've had almost double the "normal" amount of rainfall for March. This puts us well over the year-to-date average rainfall too. Our puddles have puddles. We have come to the conclusion that this winter we HAVE to get the ground covered. The crimson clover we planted last fall was planted too late to do the job well. Had the weather last year been more usual, it would have been fine. But it wasn't. So this winter we're going to try non-green ground cover and should actually get some knock-down cold frames built too. Just more to add to the monumental to-do list.

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