Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aren't we organized?

This is probably our most official garden plan yet. It's a mess, but better than just throwing things into the ground at random, which is how the first half of the garden went in. Anything that gets pulled out at the end of the summer--all the squash, for instance--will get cover crops of some sort so the beds won't be totally flattened by the winter rains. We shall see how it goes.


  1. Ooh!

    I just sorta put things in the ground and watch to see if they grow. If they do, I put more in next time. If they don't, I make a note and ignore them in future.

  2. Well, most of the varieties (except for the Yaya carrots the Spawn has requested) are personally tested. Just didn't want to run out of space for stuff we really want because of overplanting. The Better Half was just planting all the seeds as he went, which would have had us eating nothing but beets and carrots until spring. I like beets and carrots, but not that much.