Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oy, more animals!

Okay, only one more at the moment. We just acquired a livestock guardian dog (a Great Pyrenees). Her name is Mocha, which is short for Almond Roca Mocha, apparently. She stands about as tall as the Spawn, and outweighs her by three or four times. Nonetheless, the Spawn is very excited that we have a dog.

The llama is less excited. He intends to protect the goats from Mocha at all costs. Llamas make a truly peculiar noise when they're alarmed (do a search on Youtube for "llama alarm call" and imagine that noise live and coming from a frothing, drooling llama). Mocha is oblivious to it all. Hopefully A.J. will eventually figure out that Mocha is not a marauding dog.


  1. You have a llama?

    Look out! There are Llamas in the water!


  2. Yes, we have a llama. He is larger than a frog.